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This project provides summaries of news articles on the web. A randomizer is used to determine which articles should be published. The processing of the desired articles is done automatically with the tools listed below.

I am not the author or owner of the articles, pictures and summaries published on this website. Along the summary there is always a link to the source of the article and to the author, if known. The images are always embedded using the original source. The owner of the copyright of an article can contact me by mail if he wants a certain article to be removed.

The server on which this website is hosted is located in the beautiful, neutral country of Switzerland. I support the freedom of speech. I do not enforce geographical restrictions. Everyone should have access to news from all over the world.

I collect anonymous usage data in order to improve the product.

Tech used

A few of the tools and frameworks used in building this page

.NET Core PostgreSQL Currents API AYLIEN API Bootstrap Masonry Font Awesome jQuery Twitter

and many, many more... Thanks!