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Image of article 'My sister moved from New York to our mom’s house due to COVID-19. She saved $11K in rent and expenses. Is that fair'

My sister moved from New York to our mom’s house due to COVID-19. She saved $11K in rent and expenses. Is that fair

My sister will likely stay at home until at least next spring, and will continue to save on rent and many other living expenses that I have to pay each month.

I remain in New York City, but was never offered this same opportunity by my mother to move back home and save money, although I would have been able to do so from April to September.

My sister gave up her apartment in New York City and moved back home in April, shortly after COVID-19 erupted there, and has now been living rent-free with my mother for the past seven months.

All paper was removed — except for one alarming letter from her doctor It will give you a great sense of freedom and relief when you stop trying to stage manage other people’s lives.

There is irony in your situation: In a way, you are already back at your mother’s house, in your old bedroom, grumbling about what other people have and what you don’t have.

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Image of article 'Lawmakers question IRS readiness for next tax season amid backlogs from coronavirus'

Lawmakers question IRS readiness for next tax season amid backlogs from coronavirus

They asked Rettig for answers by next Thursday to their questions about whether the 2021 filing season will begin on time next year, on what date the IRS expects to open the filing season, and is the IRS prepared for it.

In addition to the typical filing season workload, they noted that the IRS has some additional responsibilities this year related to the tax provisions in the CARES Act.

“While we remain troubled by the backlogs and issues attendant to the current filing season overflowing into the next year, we also are worried that the next filing season will arrive without the normal IRS preparedness and the necessary pandemic contingency preparedness,” Neal and Pascrell wrote.


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The Exchange assumes no responsibility for the correctness of any of the statements made, opinions expressed or reports contained in this announcement and is posting this announcement on SGXNet for the sole purpose of dissemination only.

DISCLAIMER: This announcement was prepared and issued by the named Issuer/ Manager to the Exchange.

The Exchange shall not be liable for any losses or damages howsoever arising as a result of the circulation, publication and dissemination of this announcement.

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Image of article 'We need to talk about Steam & China'

We need to talk about Steam & China

But poking around Steam games that I have easy access to, anywhere between 10% and 22% of the sales of games with Chinese translations are from China, averaging out at about 16%.

These totals are across all mobile, PC, and console games (though there’s not really much console in China!)

Both gamers and publishers in China have used Steam for games that fail to meet the country’s stringent regulations and are not available on other platforms such as WeGame, China’s biggest PC games distribution platform.”

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Image of article 'Wells Fargo reportedly exploring sale of asset management business'

Wells Fargo reportedly exploring sale of asset management business

Wells Fargo plans to keep its wealth management business that caters to high-net worth clients, the sources said.

The asset management business, which is part of Wells Fargo’s wealth and investment management division, offers mutual funds and retirement products.

Scharf told analysts on the bank’s third-quarter earnings call this month that he expected to create some room on Wells Fargo’s balance sheet by exiting non-core businesses.

Wells Fargo’s asset management arm, which managed $578 billion on behalf of customers as of the end of June, could fetch more than $3 billion in a sale, two of the sources said Thursday.

Wells Fargo is exploring a sale of its asset management business, in what would be the bank’s biggest shake-up since former Bank of New York Mellon chief executive Charles Scharf joined as CEO last year, people familiar with the matter said.

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Image of article 'Where to buy refurbished products'

Where to buy refurbished products

You can find Bose, Acer, iRobot, Lenovo, Razer, and other products on its refurbished page, and eBay guarantees that you’ll get new accessories, new manuals, and manufacturer-sealed packaging with each purchase.

It’s one of the more transparent resellers, and it offers one-year warranties on all of its products with a 30-day money-back guarantee on purchases if you aren’t happy.

Each product page clearly lists what condition the device is in, what kind of warranty it comes with, and exactly which refurbishment company helped to restore it.

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge Sonos sells refurbished audio products on its site, each of which comes with a one-year warranty from the company and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

All of the products sold as refurbished will arrive in “like new” condition with at least 15 percent in savings compared to the cost of a brand-new device.

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Image of article 'Southwest will resume filling middle seats on flights. Is this a good idea?    |    COMMENTARY'

Southwest will resume filling middle seats on flights. Is this a good idea? | COMMENTARY

On her Spirit flights, as you can imagine, she felt far more vulnerable to the disease.Maybe Beall should have known more about flight conditions before booking with Spirit; it is one of the airlines that have decided not to block the middle seats for social distancing.

Image of article 'Intel margins fall as people shift to more affordable PCs'

Intel margins fall as people shift to more affordable PCs

Intel Corp's profits margins dropped last quarter even though the company saw a rise in total PC sales.

According to FactSet via US News, sales in Intel's PC group hit $9.8 billion during the quarter, which beat analyst estimates of $9.09 billion.

Cheaper PCs have smaller profit margins than more expensive computers, so Intel's profit margins dipped as a result.

As a result, Intel's operating margins dropped to 32 percent, down from 49 percent.

Despite beating analyst expectations, Intel's operating margins dropped to 36 percent, down from 44 percent in the third quarter of 2019.

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Image of article 'The DeanBeat: Our next game event focuses on growth and the metaverse'

The DeanBeat: Our next game event focuses on growth and the metaverse

We’ll discuss whether the best path to the metaverse is by building a giant virtual world or if we’ll get there through games like Fortnite, which has been adding features such as concerts.

It will take place on January 27, on day two of our event, with speakers from across games, film, venture investment, and big platform companies.

Many Silicon Valley technologists and game developers have thought about the metaverse and how to make it, but more as a hobby, a pipe dream, or a night job.

We’re busy identifying speakers for a dozen major topics that combine the vision of bigtime CEOs, the sizzle of famous game developers, and the meat of tactical experts on things like in-app purchases and rewarded videos.

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Image of article 'This camper van rental company will let you subscribe to book RVs for months or even years at a time — see how it works'

This camper van rental company will let you subscribe to book RVs for months or even years at a time — see how it works

Monthly prices will therefore be slightly higher in these two locations, with about $1,360 per month on the annual plan, or between about $1,440 to $4,690 per month on the monthly plan, according to Indie Camper's website.

The pricing model Indie Campers For locations like Porto, Portugal, and Olbia, Italy, annual subscriptions start at $885 per month, according to Indie Camper's website.

With this new payment model, camper van enthusiasts can "subscribe" to operate one of Indie Campers' vans on a monthly or annual basis for prices that vary per city and duration.

Indie Campers has released a subscription payment model that allows digital nomads in Europe to subscribe to #VanLife on a monthly or annual basis.

Indie Campers has released a subscription service that allows digital nomads in Europe to subscribe to #VanLife on a monthly or annual basis.

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Sewage can reveal COVID outbreaks, UK project finds

LONDON — Traces of COVID-19 can be successfully detected in sewage, helping to give health officials an early warning of local outbreaks of the virus, the British government said on Friday.

A project, originally launched in June, has now proved that fragments of genetic material from the virus can be detected in waste water, indicating if a local community or institution is experiencing a spike in cases.

The government said this would allow health officials to identify large outbreaks especially where there were carriers not displaying any symptoms and to encourage people to get tested or take precautions.

For more information on COVID-19, call the DOH Hotline: (02) 86517800 local 1149/1150.

The sewage-testing project has been working successfully in southwest England and has now been extended to 90 wastewater sites covering 22% of England, the government said, adding it aimed to expand it in future.

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Image of article 'Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus leaked CAD renders show a flat display and triple rear cameras'

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus leaked CAD renders show a flat display and triple rear cameras

While Samsung hasn’t revealed anything regarding its next flagship, the Galaxy S21 series is rumored to consist of a vanilla model, a ‘Plus’ variant, and an ‘Ultra’ version.

Within a month of the launch of Samsung’s second flagship, Galaxy Note20, rumors surrounding the next flagship, Galaxy S21 have started pouring in.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra, on the other hand, is tipped to come equipped with a 6.9-inch display and measure 165.1×75.6×8.9mm, while the thickness increases to 10.8mm when taking the camera bump into consideration.

The Galaxy S21 is likely to follow the design language of the Galaxy Note20 series with a flat display.

Recently, Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S20 designs were leaked.

Image of article 'Get a job: Question is hiring a Level Designer'

Get a job: Question is hiring a Level Designer

Whether you're just starting out, looking for something new, or just seeing what's out there, the Gamasutra Job Board is the place where game developers move ahead in their careers.

The Gamasutra Job Board is the most diverse, active and established board of its kind for the video game industry!

Our goal, as a studio, is to be able to make games with people that like each other and will grow together as a team that gets stronger with each project.

You push the boundaries of what the game's scripting can do to make the first kind of story possible - without leaving too many of the second kind hidden in the walls.

Gamasutra's Job Board is the most diverse, most active, and most established board of its kind in the video game industry, serving companies of all sizes, from indie to triple-A.

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Image of article 'People want to protect their data privacy, but most don't have a clear understanding of what that means'

People want to protect their data privacy, but most don't have a clear understanding of what that means

Helping people align their expectations with reality will also require companies using differential privacy as part of their data collecting activities to fully and accurately explain what is and isn't being kept private and from whom.

Identifying the best ways to clearly explain the protections provided by differential privacy will require further research to identify which expectations are most important to people who are considering sharing their data.

Differential privacy explained While there are many ways to provide privacy for people who share their data, differential privacy has recently emerged as a leading technique and is being rapidly adopted.

Many people who want to keep their data private don't have a clear understanding of what differential privacy means — a technique widely adopted by companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft to protect everyone's personal data.

But it's not clear that people who are weighing whether to share their data have clear expectations about, or understand, differential privacy.

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Why open ecosystems are the future of app development

The growing consumer interest in connected devices means app innovation must scale beyond mobile territory and requires developers can meet this demand by melding Huawei’s futuristic hardware with connected software.

In his TNW2020 keynote, Huawei’s Gauden shared the outlook for the HMS Ecosystem that puts developers in the driving seat of app innovation.

It is clear both multinational and independent developers want more freedom, and as Huawei ventures into connected living through its Seamless AI Life strategy, developers are encouraged to join a new path towards app innovation.

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) is the company’s answer for stifled developers who are hungry to create new app experiences for a connected world.

As developers wage war with app store policies, Huawei is betting on a simple concept that developers can rally around: open ecosystems.

Image of article 'RoboCop and its remake show how much our visions of the future have changed'

RoboCop and its remake show how much our visions of the future have changed

The original film didn’t spend so much time on Murphy, barely introducing him before sticking him in the RoboCop suit, and didn’t focus on the ethics of A.I. so much as making Murphy’s self-actualization a case of getting over memory loss.

Paul Verhoeven’s RoboCop, which premiered in 1987, painted a grim vision of the future.

An easy way to see how our predictions of the future have changed is to compare iterations of the same story told at different points in time.

Instead of revealing how our visions of the future have changed, the two RoboCop origin stories have more to say about how popular storytelling has changed.

Image of article 'Apex Legends comes to Steam in November'

Apex Legends comes to Steam in November

More than two dozen games from the publisher’s back catalog were added over the summer, and then at the end of August, EA brought its Origin Access subscription service to the platform, too.

Today’s announcement said those who have been playing on Origin now “can easily switch back and forth with Steam,” meaning progression and item unlocks are shared by both platforms.

Steam players will get three free gun charm cosmetics, based on Valve’s Portal and Half-Life series.

Apex Legends gun charms for those who get the game via Steam.

Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Steam One year ago, EA started bringing new games back to Valve’s storefront, after nearly a decade of being exclusive to EA’s competing Origin service.

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Image of article 'This Mexican town has regained its 'magic' status'

This Mexican town has regained its 'magic' status

In Mexcaltitán, fresh-caught shrimp in season figure into many dishes including shrimp ceviche or tlaxtihuil -- a traditional corn-based shrimp chowder.

Now, thanks to nearly 35 million Mexican pesos of investment by federal and state authorities, Mexcaltitán has recently regained the coveted "magical" status.

"The small island that can be crossed by foot in one day is especially charming during the rainy season as its streets completely flood, making it possible to travel through them by boat, thus earning it the nickname 'The Mexican Venice,' " said Zarkin.

The Pueblos Mágicos program also promotes traditional crafts and festivals and aims to preserve local customs and unique cuisine.

Image of article 'The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe'

The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Yorkshire pudding tastes similar to a popover and can even be served with syrup and vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

Whether you plan on making a large pot of beef stew or a simple pot roast you’ll want to whip up some Yorkshire pudding to accompany your dish.

If you love Yorkshire pudding then try this focaccia bread, perfect naan, or soda bread next.

This easy recipe will show you how to prepare the dish traditionally with beef drippings or using standard fats like butter and oil.

Light and fluffy with an egg-like taste, Yorkshire Pudding is a delicious side dish perfect for serving with your Sunday roast.

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Image of article 'Hong Kong fast-fashion heiress goes green, urges shoppers to buy less'

Hong Kong fast-fashion heiress goes green, urges shoppers to buy less

"It's profit with a purpose, it's not charity," said Ms Chou, who was also a director of Karl Lagerfeld Greater China and continues to be an investor in the brand's global business.

After earning degrees in communications and business from the University of Southern California, Ms Chou used Iconix to bring American brands including Badgley Mischka and Madonna's Material Girl to China.

"There are so few people out there legitimately putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to sustainability - Veronica's one of them," said Niall Dunne, chief executive officer of UK-based biodegradable plastics maker Polymateria, which Ms Chou's family invested in.

Ms Chou's Everybody & Everyone brand offers clothes such as blazers made from fermented agricultural waste, or lounge pants woven from a wood pulp-based fibre that uses 50 per cent less water and produces half of the emissions of a synthetic equivalent.

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Image of article 'Is Boohoo among the best shares I could buy now'

Is Boohoo among the best shares I could buy now

Throughout the year, the Boohoo share price has behaved erratically, which has been par for the course for many UK stocks.

The Boohoo share price is only down 11% year-to-date, considering all that’s happened, that doesn’t seem too bad.

So, with a recent price crash and the scandal now yesterday’s news, could Boohoo actually be considered among the best shares to buy now?

Boohoo’s share price collapsed an unexpected 20% on the news.

Fast fashion favourite Boohoo (LSE:BOO) is recovering from a recent scandal, its share price is still in flux and big names appear to be distancing themselves.

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Image of article 'Ireland’s McGrath: Outlook for Brexit deal `a little brighter'

Ireland’s McGrath: Outlook for Brexit deal `a little brighter

The Irish Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Michael McGrath, echoed Foreign Minister Simon Coveney’s optimism on a potential Brexit deal.

Key comments “Outlook for a Brexit deal a little brighter.”

In the last hour, Coveney said that the two sides could reach a trade deal now the talks were back on track.

GBP/USD reaction GBP/USD fails to benefit from the renewed Brexit optimism and broad US dollar declines, as it wipes out intraday gains to trade flat at 1.3080.

“The European Union (EU) and the UK can reach agreement on fisheries.”

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Image of article '40 Products For People Who Do The Least But Expect The Most'

40 Products For People Who Do The Least But Expect The Most Promising review: "I love that this is a powder and not a stinky aerosol spray., Promising review: "Just swept and vacuumed my house yesterday and ran the Roomba for 20 minutes today, LOOK how much hair it found.

Promising review: "I have achieved this level of clean by hard scrubbing with tons of vinegar and baking soda, but these tablets just pop in and do all the hard work for you.

Amazon Promising review: "The bidet has been around forever and I'm kind of lazy and like the idea of having someone or something do the wiping for me.

No, really — they're literally called Stomp-N-Go cleaning pads... Promising review: "Finally — I find a product that takes very little effort, no scrubbing for hours!!!

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