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Image of article 'Is Africa a victim of bias by international investors?       |       DW       |       14.08.2020'

Is Africa a victim of bias by international investors? | DW | 14.08.2020

As the virus batters the continent's economy and throws government budgets into chaos, the spotlight has shifted onto the exorbitant amounts of money that African nations spend on debt repayments even as large creditors like China, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the G-20 nations offer debt relief to deal with the current predicament.

Amid the economic pain, African leaders and experts are flagging the "unfair" risk premium put on African countries — which results in them having to pay more for debt than other emerging nations — as an unnecessary burden.

Mma Amara, a research associate at the Center for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA), says this discrimination was one of the factors pushing African nations to borrow from China, which offers better rates than private creditors and lays down less stringent conditions than multilateral institutions like the IMF.

The IMF ranks African governments in terms of the risks of debt distress and that ranking because of the access they have to our books plays a very big role in the decisions of rating agencies," Moore said.

Moore says African nations need to work in unison to expose the bias and call on international institutions, rating agencies and bond contractors to explain the rationale behind high risk premium.

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Image of article 'Eat out to help out' discounts in UK boost coronavirus-hit restaurants       |       DW       |       14.08.2020'

Eat out to help out' discounts in UK boost coronavirus-hit restaurants | DW | 14.08.2020

But revenue is down 70% and tight margins bring added pressures for her modern British restaurant in West Hampstead, North London.

Iain Smith, head chef at No.50 Cheyne restaurant in Chelsea, West London, also praises Chancellor Rishi Sunak for a "great, clever, unusual gesture."

"For a lot of people who've been on furlough [the UK government jobs retention scheme] and 20% down on wages because of coronavirus, it gives them an opportunity to treat themselves."

It's all thanks to a government-backed "Eat out to help out" scheme designed to boost trade by subsidizing meals at restaurants, cafes and eateries offering sit-in dining.

Michael Gratz, co-founder of American-inspired restaurant Prairie Fire in West London, fears for the scheme's long-term impact.

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Image of article 'It’s Time to Redefine What Sustainable Fishing Means'

It’s Time to Redefine What Sustainable Fishing Means

Even if we are quite far from fully understanding the experiences of animals who spend their lives primarily underwater, research clearly reveals that harbor porpoises like the one whose cries haunted Dolman and other marine mammals are, like us, highly intelligent and social creatures.

Dolman and her colleague Philippa Brakes, a research fellow at Whale and Dolphin Conservation, outlined their approach for regulating “bycatch,” as unintentionally caught animals are called, and preventing entanglement in fishing gear in a 2018 paper published in the journal Frontiers in Veterinary Science.

She says it’s time for fisheries policies to consider the welfare of individual whales and dolphins and other marine mammals.

Globally, fishing gear kills at least 300,000 marine mammals every year, and leaves many more individuals with scars both physical and psychological.

Even for less family-oriented marine mammal species, like humpback whales, notes Safina, “the death of a mother—or severe distress of a mother due to entanglement in fishing gear—can be, depending on age of a young one, completely devastating or very stressful.”

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Image of article 'Hundreds of Ohioans blast decision to ban drug for virus'

Hundreds of Ohioans blast decision to ban drug for virus

The pharmacy board is now reassessing its decision and whether any new rule is needed, especially with concerns having passed about a shortage of the drug, said spokesman Cameron McNamee.

When issuing the original rule, the pharmacy board noted that the FDA revoked the emergency use of hydroxychloroquine “based on recent results from a large, randomized clinical trial in hospitalized patients that found these medicines showed no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or speeding recovery.”

Others accused the board of playing politics, accepting money from drug companies hoping to push their own medications, or trying to make President Donald Trump - who has advocated use of the drug for COVID-19 - look bad.

On July 29, the pharmacy board banned prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine’s use as a coronavirus treatment, noting that the FDA previously revoked the emergency use of the drug.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Hundreds of Ohioans reacted swiftly and angrily to news last month that the Ohio pharmacy board blocked the use of a malaria drug for patients with COVID-19, according to a review of comments received by the board.

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Health officials: 7 new cases of West Nile virus in Miami

MIAMI (AP) - Thirty three Miami-Dade County residents have now been infected with the West Nile virus, health officials said.

On Thursday the county’s Florida Department of Health said seven additional residents have contracted the mosquito-borne illness from local transmission.

The county’s first two cases of the virus were detected in May.

On Aug. 4 in nearby Broward County, officials announced the county’s first West Nile virus case since 2012, the Miami Herald reported.

The health department said West Nile virus is the leading cause of mosquito-borne disease in the United States.

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Image of article 'Have you played… Alto’s Odyssey'

Have you played… Alto’s Odyssey

As a devout pluviophile and a lover (and creator) of abstract digital landscapes, there are very few moments that bring me as much pleasure and serenity as when it rains in Alto’s Odyssey.

The sequel to the very similar and equally stunning Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey is a simple endless runner (or, to be more accurate, an endless snowboarder) game available on Google Play and iOS.

The only thing that sets it apart from other endless runners is that it is just about the most relaxing game on the planet.

It took its toll, spending hours every day on a train.

The other 50% would be spent playing Alto’s Odyssey.

The Best Clarifying Clay Masks Suitable For Oily Skin

Other than drawing out toxins, clay is a natural substance that is rich in beautifying minerals including calcium, silica, iron, and potassium, which can strengthen skin and even balance sebum-moisture levels.

You should never let a clay mask dry fully, that just means it’s sucking out all the moisture from your skin.

Clay has the ability to draw out toxins from within the body and from the surface of the skin.

Bentonite clay possesses the strongest ability to detoxify the skin, absorb and draw out impurities from the skin.

On the other hand, kaolin clay is the gentlest, making it great for those with sensitive or irritation-prone skin.

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Image of article 'The Ultimate Guide To Every Type Of Pants And How To Style Them'

The Ultimate Guide To Every Type Of Pants And How To Style Them

And if you’re particularly time-strapped, you need knowledge and clarity to make the right decision or risk looking bad and wasting money.

Finding the right pair of pants to fit your particular body type can be even more confounding as you need the basic understanding of what each type is and who do they flatter.

Case in point: while we were compiling the numerous types of trousers that exist in the market for this story, we found a total of 16 different silhouettes.

Ahead, we decode the language of pants to help you navigate the racks and style these trusty clothing articles better.

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openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Shipping Linux 5.8

OpenSUSE developers likely feel similar in already shipping 5.8.0 to their rolling-release users.Tumbleweed this week also saw updates to GCC 10.1.1, Xen, various GNOME 3.36 package point releases, Python, and many other updates.See more details on the latest Tumbleweed snapshots via

x kernels that had WiFi issues and other woes, nothing comes to mind of Linux 5.8 issues I've been seeing on the stable code.

But in general from my extensive testing of Linux 5.8 on many different hardware platforms, it appears to be in fairly good shape... Better than some prior 5.

Linux 5.8 brings a lot of new features and is quite a big update all-around.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed is among the early rolling-release distributions now shipping a Linux 5.8-based kernel by default.For those of you enjoying openSUSE Tumbleweed, this week's updates most notably bring use of Linux 5.8 .

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Image of article 'Trump pushes anti-immigrant message even as coronavirus dominates campaign'

Trump pushes anti-immigrant message even as coronavirus dominates campaign

With Trump trailing in the polls, the White House is preparing further restrictions in the run-up to the Nov. 3 election, according to Stephen Miller, the architect of Trump’s immigration agenda.

In a new television ad that launched on Tuesday in the early-voting battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin, the Trump campaign warned that Biden’s support for legalizing millions of immigrants living in the country illegally would subject American workers to more competition in a dismal job market.

Trump’s use of immigration to energize his core supporters and shift the conversation away from the crises facing the country could alienate swing voters, according to Alex Conant, a Republican strategist.

ANTI-IMMIGRATION ADS White House and Trump campaign officials say they’re confident the president’s tough immigration stance is a winner.

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said the campaign’s focus on immigration taps into Americans’ concerns about the economy and public safety.

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Image of article 'Vietnam health ministry to buy Russian Covid      -      19 vaccine: Reports'

Vietnam health ministry to buy Russian Covid - 19 vaccine: Reports

HANOI: Vietnam 's health ministry has registered to buy a Russian Covid-19 vaccine , state television reported on Wednesday, as the Southeast Asian country fights a new outbreak of the coronavirus following months of no local cases.

"In the meantime, Vietnam will still continue developing the country's own Covid-19 vaccine," state broadcaster Vietnam Television (VTV) said.Vietnam has reported a total of 911 infections, with 21 deaths.

Russia said on Wednesday the first batch of the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine would be rolled out within two weeks, rejecting as "groundless" the safety concerns aired by some experts over Moscow's rapid approval of the drug.

Image of article '3 out of the past 5 Julys were the world’s hottest on record'

3 out of the past 5 Julys were the world’s hottest on record

To limit global temperature rise to well below 2°C and as close as possible to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, it is essential that businesses, policy-makers, and civil society advance comprehensive near- and long-term climate actions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

“This was the largest remaining intact ice shelf, and it’s disintegrated, basically,” Luke Copland, glaciologist at Canada’s University of Ottawa, told Reuters, explaining that summer temperatures in the Canadian Arctic this year climbed 5C above the 30-year average.

Using precipitation and temperature data from records from as far back as 1766 to inform climate change computer models, researchers from the UFZ-Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in the German city of Leipzig forecast that moderate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions could reduce the drought-affected area of central Europe by 40%.

While the region is used to hot weather, countries including Israel and Lebanon have experienced unusual heat extremes, a sign of things to come as climate change continues to heat up the planet.

The World Economic Forum's Climate Initiative supports the scaling and acceleration of global climate action through public and private-sector collaboration.

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Image of article 'This Add-in Flavors My Coffee Without Any Cream or Sugar'

This Add-in Flavors My Coffee Without Any Cream or Sugar

And I’m glad to report there were no rice hulls in my coffee this time—just delicious, smooth flavor.

The next day, I made a double-strength brew with the Blueberry Muffin flavor and poured it over ice for a blueberry iced coffee (P.S.- If you’re looking for a drip brewer, I absolutely love mine and it’s only $57 from Bed, Bath & Beyond).

The hot water filters through the grounds and the flavored hulls to make a smooth and flavorful pot of coffee.

Then I saw my friend Jamie Vespa from @dishingouthealth post in her Instagram stories about Inbru—a type of coffee flavoring made from rice hulls—and got really excited.

Since Inbru isn’t sweet, you could definitely add a splash of your favorite milk or a spoonful of sugar, but I found that, for once, I was able to drink my iced coffee black.

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UK storms to continue after week of scorching weather

Neil Davies, an EA flood duty manager, said: “Isolated thunderstorms could bring sudden surface water and river flooding, which may lead to flooded properties and severe travel disruption in some areas.

Analysis by the Met Office showed that heatwave thresholds were met across a large swathe of England and parts of Wales over the last week.

The Met Office meteorologist Craig Snell said: “While [it was] a hot and thundery week for some of us, this weekend we maintain the risk of further thunderstorms for parts of England and Wales.

The Met Office has revised its yellow thunderstorm warnings for the weekend and removed them from some parts of England and Wales.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain are forecast to continue in parts of Britain this weekend, making it a total washout for many.

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Image of article 'Reserve Bank to transfer Rs 57,128 crore as dividend to the Union govt'

Reserve Bank to transfer Rs 57,128 crore as dividend to the Union govt

In 2018-19 (July to June), Rs 1,23,414 crore of its surplus was transferred to the central government, and then an additional Rs 52,637 crore of excess provision as recommended by the Bimal Jalan committee on the ECF.

The only way out would be if there is direct lending to the government by which the latter pays interest to the central bank and it comes back as surplus transfer,” Sabnavis said.

While the details will be available with the release of the Annual Report later this month, it is unlikely there would be any provision for more transfer because the central bank is aligning its financial year with that of the government and that limits the opportunity for that.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will transfer Rs 57,128 crore of its surplus to the Union government for the fiscal 2019-20, against Rs 1.76 trillion it did last year, the central bank said in a statement.

The central bank’s board met on Friday to review the RBI’s balance sheet, and the surplus transfer is part of that review process.

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Image of article 'Energy stocks push TSX lower as weak oil prices weigh'

Energy stocks push TSX lower as weak oil prices weigh

The largest percentage gainer on the TSX was Spin Master Corp, which jumped 4.2%, after Jefferies raised its target price on the children’s entertainment company.

Canada's main stock index was little changed on Monday as weakness in financial and energy shares offset gains in the materials sector.

The energy sector dropped 0.6% as U.S. crude and Brent crude prices lost about 0.5% each.

(Reuters) - Canada’s main stock index fell on Friday, hurt by energy stocks that fell after crude prices dropped on doubts over a recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

Specialty packaging company Intertape Polymer Group, which rose 2.7%, after BMO raised its price target on the stock.

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Xiaomi’s incredibly affordable Redmi 9 has launched in the UK

Turn the phone around and you’ll see an 8MP selfie camera with portrait mode.

As far as the smartphone’s photo snapping abilities go, the quad camera module consists of a 13MP wide-angle lens, an 8MP ultra-wide angle lens with an 118° FOV, a 5MP macro lens and a 2MP depth sensor.

Now, the top-of-the-line, but still very much affordable, Redmi 9 is available to purchase in the revealed news of the Redmi 9's release on Twitter, along with the promise that everyone who opts for the new phone will get a free Mi Smart Band 4 fitness tracker with their order.

Xiaomi announced the entry-level Redmi 9 smartphone series with a virtual launch event almost a month ago.

The Redmi 9 is officially available to pick up in the UK and it comes at a very affordable price.

Image of article 'Child benefit claimants may also get guardian’s allowance payments under these conditions'

Child benefit claimants may also get guardian’s allowance payments under these conditions

Guardian’s allowance can be claimed as soon as the child comes to live with the claimant.

To claim it, people will need to fill in the “BG1” claim form.

The form will then need to be sent to the guardian’s allowance unit with the child’s full birth certificate and the parents’ death certificates.

Guardian’s allowance can be backdated by up to three months, providing some leeway for those who are delayed in applying.

If a claim is rejected, claimants will be able to challenge the decision through mandatory reconsideration.

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Image of article 'Oven cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan shares 'genius' trick to leave oven sparkling clean'

Oven cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan shares 'genius' trick to leave oven sparkling clean

Some people shared pictures of their sparkling ovens after trying out the trick for themselves.

One wrote: "This is genius - with the racks, I put them in the bathtub with some clothing washing powder and boiled water and leave for half hour - it wipes straight off."

"I used a dishwasher tablet dissolving the sink (I have a big sink), put a tea towel and the racks in to soak while I did the oven," another explained.

I did the same to racks.

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Image of article '2020 US Elections: Harris nomination to result in own goals from Trump'

2020 US Elections: Harris nomination to result in own goals from Trump

Yohay Elam, an analyst at FXStreet, highlights five reasons how Harris can hurt Trump's reelection.

Key quotes “Mysogionistic Trump: The president's first response to Harris' pick was that she is ‘nasty’ and tweeting that ‘The suburban housewife will be voting for me’.

Having Harris by Biden's side may bring more women to vote against the president – or refrain from voting for him.”

“Racist Trump: Harris's appointment is historic – she is the first Black and Asian woman to be on a presidential ticket.

In her first speech alongside Biden, Harris laid down the case against Trump, focusing on his deadly mishandling of the coronavirus crisis.

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Image of article 'How to reduce visceral fat: Cut down on this seemingly healthy drink to lose belly fat'

How to reduce visceral fat: Cut down on this seemingly healthy drink to lose belly fat

"Spot exercises, such as sit-ups, can tighten abdominal muscles but won't get at visceral fat," according to Harvard Health.

Studies have shown that you can help trim visceral fat or prevent its growth with both aerobic activity (such as brisk walking) and strength training (exercising with weights).

Healthy drink swaps To curb visceral fat, you should swap out fruit juice for vegetable juice.

READ MORE: How to get rid of visceral fat: Six major changes to make to help you burn the belly fat In fact, even unsweetened 100 percent fruit juice contains a lot of sugar.

In a study at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, dieting women lost an average of 24 pounds and reduced both visceral and subcutaneous fat (the fat you can pinch), with or without aerobic or strength-training exercise.

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Image of article 'GBP/JPY climbs back closer to multi-month tops set on Thursday, just below 140.00 mark'

GBP/JPY climbs back closer to multi-month tops set on Thursday, just below 140.00 mark

Meanwhile, the fact that the cross has managed to find acceptance above 100-week SMA supports prospects for additional gains.

However, a turnaround in the global risk sentiment, as depicted by a sharp fall in the equity markets, underpinned the Japanese yen's safe-haven demand and kept a lid on any further gains for the GBP/JPY cross.

The British pound remained well supported by improving sentiment on Brexit trade talks, which, in turn, was seen as one of the key factors behind the GBP/JPY pair's goodish intraday bounce of over 50 pips.

The GBP/JPY cross quickly reversed an intraday dip to the 139.35 region and has now moved back closer to the top end of its daily trading range.

Technical levels to watch GBP/JPY Overview Today last price 139.72 Today Daily Change 0.00 Today Daily Change % 0.00 Today daily open 139.72 Trends Daily SMA20 137.36 Daily SMA50 135.66 Daily SMA100 134.43 Daily SMA200 137.49 Levels Previous Daily High 140.21 Previous Daily Low 139.24 Previous Weekly High 139.24 Previous Weekly Low 137.75 Previous Monthly High 139.21 Previous Monthly Low 132.95 Daily Fibonacci 38.2% 139.84 Daily Fibonacci 61.8% 139.61 Daily Pivot Point S1 139.24 Daily Pivot Point S2 138.75 Daily Pivot Point S3 138.27 Daily Pivot Point R1 140.21 Daily Pivot Point R2 140.7 Daily Pivot Point R3 141.18

Is this our first look at an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090’s PCB? Probably not

With Nvidia’s recent announcement that it’ll be detailing its “latest graphics innovations” on September 1, we imagine excitement for upcoming RTX 30-series consumer GPUs is rife.

We’ve seen no official pictures of 30-series GPUs or PCBs, but now we have some pictures that supposedly show an RTX 3090’s PCB.

If – if – it is a picture of the 3090’s PCB then here are some things we can tell from the images and based on what the poster says: Points one, three, and four are fairly self-explanatory, but point two says more than you might initially think.

The most recent rumour about Nvidia 30-series GPU memory is that The RTX 3090/3080 Ti should have 24GB VRAM – if there’s another memory module hiding in the blurred part of the image, and if it is, in fact, dual memory (and if the image is legit) then this would corroborate the other rumour.

And we can likely expect more such images and rumours as September 1 and a possible RTX 30-series GPU lineup launch approaches.

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